Video Walkthrough: Posing + new mesh features.

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Video Walkthrough: Posing + new mesh features.

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Here is a quick video to describe how to use the new features ( apologies for dodgy sound quality )

You can switch in and out of Pose mode by pressing 'U' and any edits you make to the position/rotation of objects is stored separately while posing.

You can pose bones and all other types of object too - but bones are special in that they only rotate round one end, and can be used for skinning.
To make posing easier when using bones - choose the option "Edit/Pose Bones Only" and then only bones can be selected in posing mode.

Also added -

1) Mesh/Explode: Separates a mesh into connected sub-objects (useful when you bring in lots of objects using inflate image. )

2) Mesh/UV Front/Back: By default when you S-Merge objects you get simple front mapping (which means if you paint on the front it goes through to the back of the object too!). If you want a different image on the back choose this option from the Mesh menu and it will split the UV map in half.
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