Curvy 3D Sculpted Car Seat for Second Life

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Curvy 3D Sculpted Car Seat for Second Life

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Walkthrough of making a Car Seat in Curvy 3D and exporting it to Second Life. Watch the Video

Demonstrates sketch based modelling and freeform curve editing.


Captions Transcript:
This is a tutorial for Curvy 3D
I am going to draw a car seat using a Curvy Lathe object
The first curve looks weird, but it is the right shape for the top of the seat
The second curve for the bottom fixes the shape
I won't draw the kinks in the 3rd side curve, I will add those later
Pressing 'M' on the keyboard makes the seat symmetrical
Now select the Widget Move tool to refine the curve shapes
Dragging the white shape in the brush properties changes the area of effect
Makign the shape small and pointed lets you add creases and corners easily
Using a smooth wide shape lets you drag large parts of the curve smoothly
I use the widget tool in all of the views to set the curve shape in 3D
The creases are the tricky bit in this model
I am going to use the Ruler tool to straighten out the back Curve
Earlier I used 'M' to make the object symetrical...
...That would normally be fine - but for Second Life export I have to replace the automatic symmetry with a real 4th curve
So I press 'M' to turn off auto symmetry, select the side curve...
...and use the Curve Menu's Mirror Clone option to make a real 4th curve
And now it is ready to export
Here is a car I made earlier in Curvy - it is a work in progress
You can preview the sculptie map before you pay to load the texture
That is looking good so I accept the upload
Now it is the usual SL create a sculpted prim routine
You sometimes need to turn the object inside out using the options under the sculpt map
That will fix the lighting looking upside down
Scaling into place
And adding a shiny leather effect...
...of course usually you would paint a texture to get the best look.
You can paint in Curvy 3D too - but that is for another tutorial!
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