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looking for Fashion Design related examples -

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:23 pm
by donfelipe
Hi all, I am gearing up to go to a fashion design show here in San Diego, the thread show ( Sunday, sorry about the short notice. Simon has sent me a few great examples that show Curvy props with Poser or other fashion and design related examples.

I am looking for more if you have something you feel is a great example to highlight Curvy 3D in the hands of an artist (you), please post urls here of Jpeg images found through the gallery or forum at curvy 3D or also if you have others on your own blogs or website.

If you'd like to contribute to the success of Curvy in this manner, giving me temporarily (Sunday) the right to show your image in my slideshow amongst many others, and getting 5 seconds of fame every 10 minutes lol, please make sure your images have your name tagged to the file name, and / or clearly show some credit to you such as "Create in Curvy 3D and .... by ...." and feel free to include a url such as your website, favorite charity or such.

I really hope this will be a great show for Curvy3D.... it's a bit of a vertical show, but then again, not, since just about anything I can think of has a presence in the world of fashion and design,... perhaps because fashion IS life, it is what surrounds us (literaly!) every second of every day.

imagine this tagline: How do you like your models? ...why, Curvy of course, and full 3D.!" (pun intended)

With that in mind, anything goes, well almost: clothes, characters with clothes or without (artistic nudity ok to some extent, I may have to run the magic wand on that one, aka "little black rectangle tool"... toys such as teddy bears, Halloween pumpkins (need inspiration? ) jewelry, even skateboards and helmets, masks, bikes and hot rods, desert sand buggies,...tanks, both the kinds you wear and the kinds you drive, and also the kinds that when you wear them they drive you (crazy) LOL ... mechs,, with or without humans and other 2-legged monsters,...

must be clean stuff, this show is open to kids.

I also will have artwork from my friend Billy MArtinez, (Kickass girl, Wildflower) at - if you have similar skill and know how to draw long legged models, Barbie doll look-alike, that would fit the bill for sure :-)

Thanks much everyone!