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Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 6:38 pm
by motleyjust
I'm trying to find out things about how mirroring works.
When using meshes made in Curvy, they don't always mirror along the axis I would prefer.
When I import a cube, I get a cube. (No surprize) When I mirror the cube without any other changes, I get this.


It is actually a very interesting shape, and I may find uses for it, but ....

When I change it before mirroring, it looks even weirder.

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 12:02 am
by sculptor
there are two sorts of mirror

the one under the model menu

and one by pressing m on the keyboard

to get an idea what result you are going to get with the model menu mirror
press the L key(it toggles)(it shows the reflection)
moving the model(left or right) before mirror will get a different result
if you go wrong side of centreline model will disappear

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 12:33 am
by motleyjust
The one you get when you press m on the keyboard is the Local Mirror (under object in the menu). When I say Mirror I mean the one labeled Mirror (in the Model menu).

Which is the "wrong" side of the center line? I have not managed to do anything to make the model disappear. Do really strange things, yes; disappear, no.

Most of the time, Local Mirror, doesn't seem to do anything.

Semetrical Clone doesn't show me the same results I get from Mirror.

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 1:32 am
by sculptor
mirror is a very powerful little tool, in about 30 seconds you can produce the base for complex models.

"Mirror always works from right of the screen to left , and always around the centre of the space not around the centre of the model. So if the model was completely to the left of the centre line it would be deleted and replaced with a mirror image of empty space.

You can preview (to some extent) the effect of a mirror by pressing 'L' - this will at least give you a sign of where the centre line is."

(corrected )quote from another part of the forum(i think it still holds true)

for the keyboard m draw a curve in front view and press m to see result
(the m key leaves you with one curve that is mirrored as you edit it, the clone produces another curve that can be edited separately)

about 60 seconds

1 draw curve
2 k
3 widgit move
4 model-mirror

repeat 3 and 4 as many times as required :)
if you want more polys to play with do a merge at some time

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 3:56 am
by motleyjust
Thanks, Sculptor.

That helped a lot.

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 6:24 am
by Simon
I suspect the weirdness of that cube comes down to its simplicity and exact geometric design. It is also possible that the faces of the cube were not welded together - mirroring individual faces could well produce strange results, Mirror needs a closed shape with joined up verts along the edges. (eg: Does Model/Explode turn the imported cube into 6 separate models?)

If you would like me to investigate further please zip and send me the original cube model you imported and I will run some tests. Cheers.

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:31 pm
by bloodsong

so i have another mirror question.... i thought i saw in a tutorial that if you draw a line in the front view and mirror (if you use the right mirror tool), that the effects of editing one side would also be mirrored.
now, i can get the curve editing to mirror, but when i convert to mesh, the mesh sculpting tools are not mirroring their effects across the model. i thought for sure that was the proper method to follow to get them to do that.

is it under the model menu in the full version? (i only have demo so far.)

thanks guys!

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:54 pm
by Simon
If you paint with colours or on the Curvy Map (displacement texture) the results will be mirrored. That is probably what you saw in the video.

If you edit as a mesh with the warp tools you need to use the Mirror command as described above - but the feature is for Full 2.0 Pro versions only.

However... the IS realtime mirrored sculpting in the Beta version of Curvy (It is a brand new feature!). Curvy 2.0 Pro owners can request access to the Beta builds for extra features like this.

Sorry for any confusion between versions!