Press Release: Aartform Releases Curvy 4.0

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Press Release: Aartform Releases Curvy 4.0

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Aartform Releases Curvy 3D 4.0

London - November 21, 2019 - Aartform, the software publisher and development studio, today released a major new edition of its sketch-based sculpting program for Windows®: Aartform Curvy 3D 4.0.

"Curvy is a 3D tool designed for 2D artists, with a non-technical interface making sculpting fun and easy." explains CEO Simon de Rivaz, "Curvy is great at organic art, you simply draw outlines to create 3D primitives then join them into complex models."

4.0 sees a new UI full of useful new features and tools:

Improved Primitives
UV Scaling and Tiling
Slice by mesh, Smooth Cut
SVG import
Better Wireframes
Stamp Tool
Fit to rail
Align and distribute
Groove brush, Clay brush
Bevelled Slab, Bevelled Booleans
Warp to Surface, Curve to surface

For more information see:

About Aartform Curvy 3D:
Aartform Curvy 3D is an innovative sculpting package for Windows, ideal for first time 3D artists. Curvy brings new speed to 3D modelling by letting you draw shapes straight into 3D. Create whole models with just a few strokes. Sculpting 3D models for art and games is quick and hassle free. Colours and shapes are easy to work with using Curvy's artist friendly tools. You can sketch and paint colours, forms and bumps directly onto your 3D models, and then export models and textures for use in other 3D software.

About Aartform:
Founded in 2003, Aartform has published a number of graphics tools. In 2009 Aartform launched a game development arm, Aartform Games.