Creation in Imagine for Windows

This was amazingly easy! No, I really mean it. Just three main steps.

Step 0:

Create a silhouette of your object and applique it to a 100*100 plane.

Pick the unwanted points and delete them.

Step 1:

Make a rough (smoothed) greyscale height pic of your object.

Apply this to the plane as a bumpmap with the y axis of the map scaled to the final width of your object.

Apply a reasonably light colour and some specular highlights to the plane.
This gives an accurate preview of what the object will look like when you eventually 'applique' the bumpmap on to the object.

Step 2:

You will notice loads of defects in your bumpmap so keeping the attributes dialogue open switch to a paint package and edit the bumpmap. Save it and switch back to Imagine. Update the preview picture (double clicking 'phong shading' and pressing apply works well) and repeat this step.

Step 3:

When your preview looks good applique the bumpmap on to the plane with the same setting of the y axis and remove it from the attributes.

Tidy up the edges.

Copy, mirror, tidy up the seam.

Do finer detail with a real bumpmap.

Add colour and specular maps.

I added a fakely to darken the edges some more as well.

Time to complete 3/4 hour (with brushmaps premade) - Far faster than any other method I know. If you spent enough time on the first bumpmap you will not need to edit the mesh much (I only needed to fix the head and legs a little).
There, told you it was easy... Now the secret's out I hope to see loads of great objects from you!

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