To Make a head

Make the separate parts of the object as separate objects out of blobs and deformed spheres, this means the parts of the main object are easy to tweak and change. Remember to make objects for holes as well (eg eye sockets)


Joining objects:
1) Slice, delete unwanted surfaces, Merge resulting parts.

You should now have the basic shape with hideous joins made up of too many points.

2) Using hide points and the 3D view extensively zoom in and Join the clusters of points you find along the joined edges until there is about the same point density as the rest of the object.

3) Use edit points (and possibly smooth) to move the tweak the points into the right places. A shaded perspective view and several quick renders are useful here to remove phong problems.


4) It helps to have all your points symmetrical and too cut the head in half so you need to less work. At the end Transform-Scale x by -1 to mirror, join the two sides and join the points along the seam (hide the others).

5) Add details and marvel at your work.



Alternatively download RHINO a 3D spline package