Creation in Imagine for Windows

Just three main steps once again.

Step 1:

Make a rough shape of the object, it helps to have a photo or sketch in the background for this.

Step 2:

Go to pick faces mode and pick all the faces.
Fracture, then smooth with 5 itterations and 'Lock Perimeter Points' UNchecked.

Do this again until the model is at the detail level you require (I only did it twice).

Pick any sets of points that look too 'square' or poorly shaped and smooth them some more. I had to give extra smoothing to the belly and knees.
(The head was modeled in the same way).

Step 3:

Do fine detail with a bumpmap.

Add colour and specular maps.

I used the blend.itx textures to add the stripes separately from the colour to enable easier modifications to either.

So there you have a new (?) modelling technique - get out there and make some great pics!

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