How long does it take to Learn Curvy?

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How long does it take to Learn Curvy?

Postby Simon » Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:51 am

How long does it take to fully learn Curvy?

There are three ways to learn Curvy - most of these require internet access, but Curvy is very fast to learn the main tools and people usually start producing good models after just a couple of days. I have also made an offline version of the manual, Unzip, then open index.html or reference.html in your browser. I recommend you follow some of the introductory video tutorials or read tutorials.html for a basic offline intro.

Time to fully learn Curvy depends a lot on the artist - there have been some who produce better models than me (who wrote the program) in just 3 days after first seeing the software. You could easily try every feature in Curvy out in 1/2 a day (Ideally with the help of the video tutorials) - and then the rest would just be practice and getting better with the tools available.

1) Manual
[Offline Zipped Manual]

2) Web Tutorials

3) Videos
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Postby Midnight Carnival » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:46 pm

I was able to start generating decent stuff after about two days but very simple stuff. That's also only contributing about ten hours total between those two days.

For people that like the challenge of learning a new software package, mastery looks like it could take quite some time but still not as much as working in a poly modeler like Blender or Metasequoia which someone would use if their models had to follow a very strict format for functioning in something like a real-time environment.
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Postby jayd » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:11 pm

Let me add to this--I am pretty adept at Blender nowadays but I would never compare it to Curvy and here is why:

Its the workflow--things done the blender way are not accomplished the same way in Curvy 3d... While Blender's real key to success is to hold the mouse in one and and tap tap the keyboard in the other--its a rough and tumble construction worker--Curvy has a certain elegance to it that i am finding very appealing. I have not wrapped this program around my head yet but i produced a multitude of objects on my first day--which was yesterday. I even wrote my business partner's name in sculpts--imported it into Inworldz and set it to full glow and turned it bright glowing pink --neon and then stuck it right in the middle of her rustic village for giggles. My death is likely imminent.

Point is, the mac version i have is very stable at the moment--most crashes that i have seem to be the victim of my own ignorance.

This is a very cool piece of work.
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