Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys

Postby Simon » Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:09 am

Hold Ctrl to Switch from Paint Brush to Dropper tool

Use Right mouse to access opposite tools when using Warp Brushes (eg: Warp inflate swaps to warp deflate)

Modifier Keys: Hold Shift, Ctrl, and Shift+Ctrl to access different edit modes (eg: Transform and Widget Transform tools - watch the cursor change to see the different tools as you hold down the modifier keys)

Function Keys = Toggle Panel Visibility
F7 = Toggle Groups&Layers Panels

Delete = Delete Selected
Ctrl-Z = Undo
Tab = Toggle All Panels (Quick Hide)
B = Cycle Paint Tools
D = Cycle Draw Tools
V = Cycle View Tools
T = Cycle Transform Tools
E = Select Tool
W = Cycle Widget Tools
G = Cycle Warp Tools
C = Cycle Create Tools

M = Make Lathe Symmetrical
L = Make a mirror image of this whole object on opposite side of scene

K = Convert to Mesh (eg: Remove curves from a lathe leaving the surface intact)

S = Smooth mesh or curve
Shift+S = Super Smooth mesh or curvy (10x speed!)

Number Keys 1234567890 = Pick paint intensity & Widget tool scale, 0% to 100%
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