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Curvy3d projections

Postby ray3d » Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:14 pm

I'm new to curvy3d and still getting to grips with its features. I make physical sculptures. I often plan a sculpture by drawing a shape in, say, 'front' projection, then work out in my mind how that would look from 'left' or 'right' projection and draw that. This helps me create a model in my mind of how the final sculpture will look. How much better if I could turn these projections into a 3d model?

So the question is, is it possible with Curvy3d to draw something in 'front' mode. then draw a separate projection in 'left or right' mode, and then use Curvy3d to create a 3d object that reconciles these two projections? In other words, a 3d object that would have these two projections?

I knew I wouldn't explain it properly!
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Postby sculptor » Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:03 pm

when we click on the orange heading in the view pane(top left)
we can choose a back ground to load.

we can load different backgrounds for each view

in a paint program i use square pictures and place the figure in the center of each picture making sure top of head and bottom of feet line up for front and left views.
curves can be drawn in one view and modified in another view, or new curves added, have a look through some of the basic tutorials

this is the method i use
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Postby Simon » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:46 am

That is the method I used for this head sculpt. If you scroll down that thread you will see the front and side drawings I used. As sculptor says it is best to draw these and load them as background images to guide your sculpting.
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Postby ray3d » Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:47 am

Thanks a lot. Those replies are just what I was looking for.
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