paid tutorial for modelling a character with curvy 3d

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paid tutorial for modelling a character with curvy 3d

Postby Zio Mario » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:15 pm

Hello to everyone.

I'm a new user of the curvy 3d tool. I'm working on multiple aspetcs of a 3d project and I have to time to take care of everything. I have no time to learn curvy 3d from the beginning,but after taking a look to curvy I realized that it could be a very important component of my project. To make the story short,I would like to hire someone who wants to create a detailed video tutorial for me,showing how to create,in the most easy and fast way,the 3d model of this 3d character :

the challenge is to be able to create it as is and using these textures :

without pose and rig it. You can draw Lathe Objects to match the image, but I don't know what can u do to match the depths. You know for sure how to do that. What about the texturing ? Usually I use archipelis designer,that u can check here :

it allows to draw from a photo. But it is not able to export the model with the textures attached. For this I need to use 3DXchange. In every case,I don't like so much the final result that I get. And I want to understand if with curvy I can get a better result. Try to be detailed. I want to repeat all the steps that u do for the future characters that I will need to create.
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Re: paid tutorial for modelling a character with curvy 3d

Postby sculptor » Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:31 am

If I understand you correctly.
As far as I know there is no fast and easy way to do what you require.
The skills required would probably need an animation studio team.(such as Disney)
Even with a large data set, artificial intelligence programs would have difficulty finding depth cues on those images.

One possibility would be for an actor to dress up and play the role while being 3d scanned, but again that would
be a skilled team effort and wouldn't produce a simple model.
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