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RPG Inventory Icons - Curvy 3D 4.0

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 10:28 pm
by Simon
I find sculpting much easier and more accurate than drawing or painting, so I used Curvy to make a set of inventory icons for a Sci-fi RPG game.

The vast majority of the work here is Slabs, with a Cubes and Cylinders. Sometimes Lines and Lathes. There is very little sculpting with brushes - just a bit here and there to add a natural look. When I needed to make more complex shapes I tended to use Curvy Maps (displacement) and Voxel Intersection (Booleans). When I get really stuck I use a Loft with thickness - Helpful for shapes that bend in more than one direction at once.


And a few of my favorites zoomed in: