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getting to know curvy

Postby jason » Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:35 am

Heres something I made just trying to get to know the curvy tools.
I am wanting to edit the mesh manually like I thought I would. Maybe its because thats how Ive learned to do it. I feel like I may need more control than the widgit tool has. It would also be useful to have an Xray preview or at least a brush circle so I can have a better idea on what Im sculpting.
Can I make a mirrored mesh? Is there a smooth for a mesh? I know of the flatten tool, but its not exactly what I need. I found myself smoothing the entire mesh, then I realized I was going back forth between sections because everytime I smoothed, I lost the detail I did in another area.
I havent tried the 2 beta because it wont run on my laptop, but so far I feel like it needs more features and more steamlined workflow before I could use curvy as a main modeling tool.

PS- where is the correct place to post general curvy discussion?

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Postby Vanrailey » Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:59 am

Nice job on the face by the way. Although, just to say Curvy is pretty simple (yet powerful) at what it does. It's only in its early stages though. While Simon is working towards (from what I've seen) making Curvy 2 an pretty awesome upgrade. When it may be released.?.. it's way too early to tell. To say, I as well understand what you're saying. I've put in a request for such features. Although, first thing's first. Simon's seems to be working on the speed and (if I recall correctly) other graphical means of support for the graphic library (thus, OpenGL).

To answer your questions. Right now there isn't any support for mirrored sculpting. As for a smoothing tool... there is just flatten). If you hold Ctrl and drag there's a preview of the brush size. Hoped this helped.
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Postby Simon » Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:34 am

Thanks for your first impressions, I hope to resolve several of these issues in Curvy2. In general Curvy1.5 is good for building up lots of simple primitives, but less good for detailed surface editing (compared to other apps available now).

General discussion for the future can go here (and if you see the design post you will see which detailing tools are absent in Curvy too)
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