Part I. What's New

Table of Contents

Curvy 3D 3.0 has a new user interface making it easier to access the expanded toolset.

Curvy now supports cast and ambient shadows.

There are several new primitive types including the basic Sphere and Cuboid, as well as the sketched Blob and Slab primitives.

The Loft primitive has been extended with a thickness slider.

The Line primitive now has easy sliders to set end radii.

Mesh Tools
Curvy 3.0 now supports Adaptive Subdivision Meshes. This means you can forget about triangle density as you sculpt a mesh's surface, and Curvy will automatically add triangles where you need higher detail.

There are new ways to combine meshes. The Weld command carefully cuts and stitches two meshes together so only the seam between the two meshes is changed, while the rest of each mesh is preserved at full quality. The Fit to Child command stretches the original mesh to conform to the child objects surface.

Curvy now includes mesh refinement and reduction tools that can operate on the whole or a selected part of a mesh.

Surface editing now supports soft selections and masked editing.

Paint directly onto the mesh (without needing a texture map) as well as generating ambient occlusion shading for a mesh.

Quickly setup texture coordinates using projection or cubical unwrapping.