Aartform Curvy 3D

Create Loft Tool

Lofts are similar to Lines in that they use three curves: the first curve defines the overall shape, while the second and third curves define the shape of the top and bottom of the Loft Object.

Drawing a Loft

Drag with the LMB in a 3D view to draw a curve and create a new Loft Object.

Curvy will build the object when you release the LMB.
Don't worry if it looks odd at this stage, Lofts need more than one curve to work.
Now draw a curve across the top of your first curve.
This sets the start shape.
Then draw a curve across the bottom of your first curve.

If you want the start and end shapes to be the same, select the second curve, then choose Curve:Clone from the Menus, the tool will change into the move tool, then just drag the clone to the other end of the first curve.
This sets the end shape.
In this image I have rotated the three curves around, so they are no longer all in a flat plane.

NB: If you are ever unable to paint on a loft - it is because you are trying to paint on the back surface, rotate the object round and paint on the front instead.

Loft Examples

These examples show lofts being used in with various of the curve redraw commands (these redraw a rough curve as a precise shape).