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Aartform Curvy 3D is easy software for creating 3D art.

• Rapidly Sketch Ideas Direct to 3D.
• Sculpt and Paint in 3D using 2D Skills.
• Non-Technical Interface makes Sculpting Fun.
Sketch, paint or even trace. Curvy is the easy pathway to 3d modelling.


Try sculpting with Curvy
in the Free Demo

Download 30 Day Trial
Aartform Curvy 3D 3.0 Demo

Download Curvy 3D 30 Day Trial
Curvy is great at organic art, and now adds a full set of digital clay tools to its drawing toolset. Warp brushes let you sculpt as easily as you can paint colours onto the surface. You can pinch, and buldge, roughen, smooth and flatten the model easily. 3D Sculpting is easy and fun with Curvy.

"I constantly tout [Curvy] in my corner of the 3d world as THE lathe modeler of choice." - Monsoon

Artists with an interest in getting into computer graphics appreciate the sketch based graphic tools and intuitive controls to shape and sculpt models in Curvy - it is all simple and non-technical, you don't have to work with individual triangles. And it is easy to use Curvy models with programs like Bryce and Poser.

Curvy has improved obj export so it is easier to use Curvy models in other rendering software. You can also save hi-resolution screenshots from Curvy's views for use in another graphics program, and Curvy's TGA screenshots support Alpha for easy compositing in your graphics program.

Originally a sketch-based sculpting program, Curvy now lets you create image based 3D models using a simple image inflate tool. This is handy for photo based modelling and for shapes that are much easier to create as a graphic design rather than a 3D model.

Lighting and texturing are easy in Curvy as the viewports are always use the best realtime render settings. You can paint on bump and displacement maps and see the results as you paint. Image creation is WYSIWYG making for friendly artist software. Curvy's realtime renderer lets you create a wide range of materials (eg: skin, glass, metal) using lightmaps.

Download Curvy 3D Demo

Try Sculpting with Curvy
in the Free Demo:

Download Curvy 3D 30 Day Trial

Download 30 Day Trial
Aartform Curvy 3D 3.0 Demo


Use your 2D skills to
model in 3D

• Draw 3D forms with your tablet or mouse.
• Blend forms together to make complex shapes.
• Detail the model using Curvy's surface sculpt tools.
• Paint bumps and colours onto the surface in 3D.


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Aartform Curvy 3D is developed by The Curvy Team